Springs Cattle Farm


Aberdeen (Lowline) Angus...Smaller Cows for Smaller Farms!

Our Full-Blood Herd Bull purchased from Bill & Barbara Kauffman...Red Patriot (For Sale)

*We now own Red Knight (Sire: Red Baron), another great bull from Bill.

Read and you will see why any herd and farm should have lowline genetics!   
 Research proves smaller frame cattle like Aberdeen (Lowline) Angus are "The Perfect Grass-Fed Beef Cattle!"

 Springs Cattle Farm Contact:   Jason Bagwell 864-497-2407
Boiling Springs, South Carolina

We are a 1/2%, 3/4& and 100% Full-Blood Red Aberdeen (Lowline) Angus Producer!   DSCN1232.JPG
We are a family owned farm (Terry, Phil & Jason Bagwell...The Grand-children crew Nathan, Jamison, Caroline & Macy Bagwell). We have a long family history of farming peaches, row crops, raising beef cattle, wholesale greenhouse production, fescue and alfalfa hay, and now...Aberdeen (Lowline) Angus!
 We are members of the American Aberdeen (Lowline) Association and the Eastern Lowline Angus Association.
  Home of...Bar J Penny Y21 (double half-blood, Sire: Redbone) 

  Pictured with former owner John Reed where she won 3rd in the percentage females calved Apr. 1 - 30,  2011 at The American Royal in Kansas City, MO & also finished 3rd in the same category at NAILE in  Louisville, KY on Nov 17th  2011


Our Red Sorrel Mammoth Donkey "April"
Hey look we'z twins...except the ears!

  Belle_1-14-2011_edited-1.jpg DSCN0996.JPG